We're open-sourcing our site. Here's why

Often in the web industry we get so engrossed in making kick-ass client sites that we neglect our own portfolios. This has been the case with ours, with our last blog post being all the way back in March 2014!

In 2015 we're restructuring the way we work slightly. We're planning in more time for marketing in general as well as embarking on a social media campaign, posting articles or snippets of news that we think our followers will find interesting. Alongside this we'll be working more on our side projects, which will help with client work by giving us a greater library of code we really know inside and out. In the spirit of the free and open web we'll be sharing these components with the community. You'll be able to get your mitts on our work to help you with your own projects!

To share is to care, to care is to share

We're firm believers in a free and open web, where anyone can find information and resources on what interests them. Through programs like Work in the Web (@workintheweb) we've met a number of students who are just starting out on their web careers and we want to help them and others like them with an insight of the day to day of an agency.

With that in mind, we've decided the first thing we'd share would be the source code for this site. A fairly simple static site driven by Middleman meaning anyone can dive in and have a play; learning a bit of Ruby, HTML and Sass along the way! You can find the repo over on our Github. PRs and logged issues gratefully received too :)

We're hoping 2015 will be another good year for Flo Design, while allowing us to give back to a community that has helped us so much in the past and help those who are just coming into the industry. We're excited about what this new way of working will teach us too!

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